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Which websites would you want to save for future generations? What would you want people to look at 50 or even 500 years from now?  Which “at risk” website content will be saved?   

The classic version of the Wayback Machine is still available at     See how your favorite website used to look way back when, including Yahoo archive (1996 – Present), Google archive (1998 – Present), etc., …



Following are Lami customer websites created per request…  

Professional Caulking (Archive PC Logo created (per request) by October 6, 2003) –  Caulking Services  

Handy Renovations  –  Complete Remodeling Services   

Modeling Advisor  –  Ausreun  (Los Angeles Modeling Advisor)    

Helmi Charif  –   Political Leader  NDP   (New Democratic Party)  

Jesus Christ Tabernacle Windsor  –  JCT Windsor

The Biggest Loser Club  –  (TBL Club)  

Disco Jam  –  DJ Services   

The Best Students  –



Magical Immersive Garden  (Intertactive)  ♦  25 Most Impressive Flash Sites  ♦  Favourite Website Awards  ♦

Web Design Awards | The Best Websites in the World  ♦  Bicikli Fumic 




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