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Quick Response codes, “QR codes” for short, originated in Japan, where organizations have been using them for a number of years. These days, businesses around the world use QR codes to advertise, market, and promote their companies, services, and products.

These little, square codes are similar to traditional barcodes you find on price tags in stores. However, they are quickly gaining in popularity because they can hold far more information such as website links, phone numbers, email addresses, and other text.

Use your cell phone to scan the QR Code. The code is actually a picture with embedded information. When someone scans the picture using a mobile application (QR Code Reader) or another scanning device, the details within the picture open up. A QR code can be built to open up a V-Card that includes your contact information, credentials, LinkedIn address, Twitter handle, Skype name, blog, and/or website, making it easy for your connections to add you to their contact list on their on cell phone. 

QR codes are mostly for mobile communications hardware.  QR codes are primarily used on smart phones.

Pioneering job seekers, consultants, and other entrepreneurs are starting to use QR codes in resumes, business cards, and other documents in their marketing portfolio. The primary purpose of the code is to provide detailed information to networking contacts, recruiters, and employers. However, more advanced individuals can also track the usage of the code. 

Can anyone generate a code?

Yes. If you feel that a QR code will be beneficial on your resume, narrative biography, or business card, you can easily create one.

A quick Google search will uncover many internet applications that can help you generate your own QR code. Some even have the capability to track people scanning your QR code:


A free (for a month) easy to use text or link QR code generator.


A free QR code generator with multiple tabs for different types of codes.


A free colour QR code generator with a variety of options, including LinkedIn and vCard.


If you are serious about generating a QR code to create a mobile-friendly page and manage your job search, check out this up-and-coming service. Vizibility has a free, easy-to-use interface to help you present details about your background in a mini-online marketing visual. You can rank and manage Google search results for your name so that you can show the most important and appropriate ones to people who scan your QR code. Advanced features will allow you to track people who have used the code.

Decode various barcode formats (UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 39, Code 128, QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF 417 and ITF)



VIDEO:  How to make simple html/text changes to website using FileZilla

With our online HTML editor, you can edit the HTML, and click on a button to view the result. W3Schools.comTry it yourself » 

What is the difference between “JPG” / “JPEG” / “PNG” / “BMP” / “GIF” / “TIFF” Image? 

They are different file formats (and their file extensions).

Wikipedia entries for each of the formats will give you quite a bit of information:

  • JPEG (or JPG, for the file extension; Joint Photographic Experts Group)
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
  • BMP (Bitmap)
  • GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
  • TIFF (or TIF, for the file extension; Tagged Image File Format)

TIFF is usually used by scanners. It makes huge files and is not really used in applications.

BMP is uncompressed and also makes huge files. It is also not really used in applications.

GIF used to be all over the web but has fallen out of favor since it only supports a limited number of colors and is patented.

JPG/JPEG is mainly used for anything that is photo quality, though not for text. The lossy compression used tends to mar sharp lines.

PNG isn’t as small as JPEG but is lossless so it’s good for images with sharp lines. It’s in common use on the web now.

Personally, I usually use PNG everywhere I can. It’s a good compromise between JPG and GIF.

Gifboom - Make animated GIFs with your iPhone or Android  Introduce gifboom – the easiest way to share your life in motion through a series of moving pictures. Simply take a video, add some effects, and express yourself in the moment. 


Create And Share GIF Animations From Your iPhone Using GifBoom  

GifBoom is a free Social network application that enables its users to upload silent animated GIFs and to share them on GifBoom as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr[1] or via E-mail or MMS. As it is an application, GifBoom is available in the AppStore and in the Google Play Store.

Features and tools

GifBoom allows its users to create own animated GIFs or to “reboom” GIFs of other users. A GIF does not contain more than 20 pictures. GifBoom uses a lot of typical social network features such as hashtags or the opportunity to follow and subscribe other users. 

Gifboom – Make animated GIFs with your iPhone or Android

  Download gifboom from the app store Download gifboom from google play

Facebook for Websites

Promoting your App

Creating Your First Mobile Device Application

Facebook Ads Manager
Help new users discover your app by running a campaign using Facebook Ads and Sponsored stories. This tool helps you create ads, setup sponsored stories, set your budget, and measure the impact of your campaign.

Learn About Facebook Pages

This course is currently available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Japanese.  

Ver en español • Lire en français • Auf Deutsch aufrufen • Visualizza in italiano • 日本語で見る

This interactive course will help you use Facebook Pages to tell your story, express your identity, and connect with your audience. 


Facebook – Like Button (plugins)


Build Your Brand with Facebook Pages


Give and get help by connecting with other people on Facebook.



HTML CODE to open a page in another window


HTML Table Fundamentals

Table content goes here...
Next to the hyperlink, one of the most widely used HTML elements is the table element. Take a peek at the source code of any big corporate website and you are bound to see a plethora of tables, table rows and table data cells, and then nested inside many of the cells you will find even more tables with their respective rows and cells.

HTML Table Codes

Tables are created using the table element which uses both a start and an end tag. The <table>...</table> tags are required to contain at least one set of <tr>...</tr> tags which themselves are required to contain at least one set of <td>...</td> tags. Each set of <tr>...</tr> tags creates one table row while each set of <td>...</td> tags creates one table data cell.

The basic HTML table model is said to be ‘row primary’ in that the table rows are specified explicitly while columns are implied by the number of table data cells appearing in the rows. The source code in Example 3 will create a table having three rows and two columns:

Example 3 – SOURCE CODE
<table border="5">
   <tr><td>Row 1, Cell 1</td><td>Row 1, Cell 2</td></tr>
   <tr><td>Row 2, Cell 1</td><td>Row 2, Cell 2</td></tr>
   <tr><td>Row 3, Cell 1</td><td>Row 3, Cell 2</td></tr>

And this will produce the following effect on your web page:

Example 3 – RESULT
Row 1, Cell 1 Row 1, Cell 2
Row 2, Cell 1 Row 2, Cell 2
Row 3, Cell 1 Row 3, Cell 2

Table Background and Border Color



border="number in pixels"


Width of table border
Table border color
Top/left side border color
Bottom/right side border color
Background color


Google Webmaster Tools  

Improve your site’s visibility in Google search results.  It’s free. 


Webmaster Tools – Bing

Drive more visitors to your site using Bing data on search queries, crawling and search traffic. 

Q: How important are inbound links? Are all inbound link equal?

A:  Inbound links (aka backlinks) are crucial to your site’s success in ranking. However, it is important to remember that when it comes to inbound links, Bing prefers quality over quantity. Backlinks should be relevant to the page being linked to or relevant to your domain if being linked to the homepage. And inbound links from sites considered to be authoritative in their field are of higher value than those from junk sites. Use the Backlinks Tool in Webmaster Center tools to review the inbound links to your site.

Q: How do I get more high quality inbound links?

A:  Some Ideas for generating high-quality inbound links include:

Start a blog.

Write content that will give people a reason to link to your website.

Join a reputable industry association.

Oftentimes they will list their members and provide links to their websites. Examples could be a local Rotary Club or a professional association like the American Medical Association.

Get involved with your community.

Participating with your community through blogs, forums, and other online resources may give you legitimate reasons to provide links to your site.

Talk to a reporter.

Is there a potential story around your website? Or do you have helpful tips about your business that people might be interested in? Pitch your story to a reporter, and they might link to your site in an online story.

Press releases.

If your company has scheduled a significant public event, consider publishing an online press release.

Suppliers and partners.

Ask your business partners if they would add a section to their websites describing your partnership with a link to your website. Or, if your suppliers have a website, perhaps they have a page where they recommend local distributers of their products.

Evangelize your site in the real world.

Promote your website with business cards, magnets, USB keys, and other fun collectables.

Q: Do inbound links from low-quality sites adversely affect Bing ranking?

A:  While they won’t hurt your site, they really won’t help much, either.  Bing values quality over quantity. Please review the question above to get some ideas for generating high-quality backlinks. 

Online Professional Networking 

LinkedIn - Professional Networking

Free!  Professionals use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities.  LinkedIn maintains your professional identity online and your professional network. 


Get the 411  How to Market Your Business on 411.ca

Grab Attention Introduction


Learn how to market your business on 411.ca, Canada’s #1 online directory service and the fastest and easiest way to Get The 411 in your neighbourhood. 



AddThis is the world’s largest content sharing platform. It gives end users a simple and easy way to share content across the social web, and provides website publishers with increased web traffic and in-depth analytics. 




Best Jobs 2012: Web Developer

As one of the Best Jobs of 2012, this profession should see significant growth over the next decade

Best Jobs of 2012 (# 6) 

Web developers design and maintain websites, including site layout and function, to a client’s specifications.

The job may include creating a visually appealing website and user-friendly design, ensuring easy navigation, organizing content, and keeping the site functioning and up-to-date.

Developers must take into account a client’s products or services as well as its target market to create a site that appeals to its customers or intended audience. The job requires a knowledge of software programs, Web applications, and programming languages such as HTML, as well as a solid understanding of design principles.

Work environments for Web developers vary widely, from large corporations or governments to small businesses. Developers may be full-time employees, part-time consultants, or work on a contract basis as freelancers. 

Web developers may also get certifications, including CWP (Certified Web Developer), CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster), and Advanced Web Developer, all of which demonstrate varying levels of expertise. 


If you really want to be on the cutting edge, consider getting a certificate in Mobile Application Development


However, “experience is always more important than certifications”. 

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