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WWW DOT of Your Own!

 LAMI.US Brings The World-Wide Web To You!

Don’t pay $1,000 or more

 Lami.us can make your website starting from only $99

USD (United States Dollars)

or from $99 CAD (Canadian Dollars)




 Personal/Business Domain NamesAnyName.com   or   AnyName.us   or   AnyName.ca   etc.,  $39 extra (includes free hosting for one year



 Pre-approved updates ♦ Free!

Pre-approved updates:  Add an additional page, add  a picture, or youtube video – Free! 

Update your website page(s) first 10 days for free! 

– One hour (or less) updating time/computer lessons ( from $80 USD)
– Half an hour (or less) updating time/computer lessons (from $40 USD)

– Twenty-nine minutes (or less) updating time/computer lessons (from $30 USD)
– Ten Minutes (or less)  updating time/computer lessons (from $10 USD)
– Five minutes (or less) updating time/computer lessons (from $5 USD)




 Google Webmaster Tools

Improve your site’s visibility in Google search results. It’s free. 

Drive more visitors to your site. 

 • Start a blog.

Write content that will give people a reason to link to your website.

Join a reputable industry association.

Oftentimes they will list their members and provide links to their websites. Examples could be a local Rotary Club or a professional association like the American Medical Association.

Get involved with your community.

Participating with your community through blogs, forums, and other online resources may give you legitimate reasons to provide links to your site.

Talk to a reporter.

Is there a potential story around your website? Or do you have helpful tips about your business that people might be interested in? Pitch your story to a reporter, and they might link to your site in an online story.


 In the real world

Promote your website with business cards, magnets, USB keys, and other fun collectables.








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