Learning through songs – Jambo Song


Jambo, Jambo Bwana.    Hello, Hello Sir.

Habari gani?  How are you?    Nzuri sana. Very fine.

Wageni, mwakaribishwa.    Visitors/Foreigners, you are welcomed.

Kenya yetu,    In our Kenya,  Hakuna Matata.  There is no problem.

Kenya nchi nzuri. Kenya is a beautiful country.

Nchi ya ma ajabu…   a wonderful country.

Nchi ya kupendeza… delighful country.  Hakuna Matata.  Yele lele.  Yele lele.  

Kenya yetu.  Our Kenya    Hakuna matata.  Haku–na matata.  Hakuna matata.  Ha-kuna matata.  Hakuna matata.   

Kenya wote,  All of Kenya,  Hakuna matata.  Haku–na. Haku–na.  Hakuna matata.   Click.  Hakuna matata.    

Kenya wote,  Everybody, Hakuna matata.  Yele le ma.  Hakuna matata.  Yele lele mama.  Hakuna matata.  Click.  Nkapelale. Nkapelale. Hakuna matata.  Hakuna matata.  

Kenya wote, All of Kenya,  Hakuna matata.  Kenya wote, Everybody, Hakuna matata.  

More Ki-swahili vocabulary:

Nchi yenye amani = a  peaceful country  

Wakaribishwa   =  is welcome

Hakuna Matata.  = There is no problem.  Mpaka  mwisho.


African Romance


Bantu languages: Swahili 

Swahili is a Bantu language of the Sabaki subgroup of Northeastern Coast Bantu languages. Swahili is spoken by an estimated 50 million people and, after Arabic, is the most widely understood language in Africa.

It is the official language of Tanzania and Kenya and is used extensively in Uganda and the eastern provinces of Zaire. In Burundi and Rwanda, it is known and used in major urban centers, but is not widely known or extensively used in the monolinguistic countryside. 


Conjugate a Swahili verb

Top 10 verbs

  1. amka
  2. acha
  3. abudia
  4. achwa
  5. adhibika
  6. adua
  7. achia
  8. afikanisha
  9. kula
  10. adhimisha
  Swahili Verbs 

waka waka Zangalewa African Kocho Kocho troupe

Zangalebwa Dance by Kecho Kecho Zangalewa troupe & Alibaki int. Comedy @ Afroberliner.  Zamina_mina_(Zangalewa )  – Wikipedia 
Subway Commercial in Ki-swahili



Basic Words 01 (Swahili),

 10 Cards  List with sounds
Swahili – Languages of the World

Basic Words 02 (Swahili),

 8 Cards  List with sounds
Swahili – Languages of the World 

Basic Words 03 (Swahili),

 9 Cards  List with sounds
Swahili – Languages of the World 



 Swahili 101: Swahili Vocabulary – Part 1 – Fruit

 kiSwahili 101: Proverbs/Swahili Sayings


Swahili – Learn the Greetings & Intros

 Swahili – Learn how to ask for or get directions


 Swahili – Learning through songs – Malaika Song


Jambo Bwana song–Kilimanjaro

The Kilimanjaro Song

Kilimanjaro song

Lion King – Baba Yetu

Baba Yetu (Swahili) – Our Father

Lord’s Prayer in Swahili

Baba Yetu – Gospel Choir in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania





Basic Words 04 (Swahili),

 14 Cards – NO SOUND
Swahili – Languages of the World 

Basic Words 05 (Swahili),

 11 Cards  List with sounds

Asking for Directions 1 (Swahili),

 14 Cards  List with sounds

First words (Swahili),

 33 Cards  List with sounds
Quick and Useful phrases and Words

At the Hotel 1 (Swahili),

 16 Cards  List with sounds

Colors (Swahili),

 12 Cards  List with sounds   List with images

Seasons (Swahili),

 5 Cards  List with sounds

Asking for Directions (Swahili),

 14 Cards  List with sounds   List with images

ABH – 7 Sentence structure (Swahili),

 143 Cards
Sentence Structure – NO SOUND

At the Restaurant (Swahili),

 12 Cards  List with sounds   List with images

ABH – 1 Subject pronouns positive (Swahili),

 6 Cards – NO SOUND
Subject Pronouns Positive

Parts of the body 1: Face/head (Swahili),

 16 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
Face/Head of Body

Taking a Taxi (Swahili),

 13 Cards  List with sounds   List with images

At the hotel (Swahili),

 16 Cards  List with sounds   List with images

Parts of the Body 2 : Top half (Swahili),

 23 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
Top Half (not including the head)

Unit 1 (Swahili),

 38 Cards  List with sounds
Vocabulary From Unit 1 of Teach Yourself Swahili

ABH – 6 Personal pronouns (Swahili),

 6 Cards – NO SOUND
Personal Pronouns 



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