Solo di el color, no la palabra

 Solo di el color, no la palabra

Conflicto de hemisferios cerebrales:

La parte derecha de tu cerebro intenta decir el colorpero la parte izquierda insiste en leer la palabra. 


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Free! Pimsleur Spanish Lesson 1


More Pimsleur Language Lessons

Señal de audio EN VIVO...  ARCHIVO DE AUDIO   



TecnologíaPrimavera, primer vehículo solar colombiano creado por EPM y EAFIT 

Incredible – Going to School – Los Pinas, Colombia

Greatest Accent Coach in the World 

Pink Panther – ” I Would Like to Buy a Hamburger” – Learning English Pronunciation


Collo Learn – Youtube

Collo and Spark 


What is collocation?

Collocation is the natural combination of words when trying to convey a message. For example if you want to say “cortina de humo” in English you probably will translate as “smoke curtain” right? Well, that combination is wrong. The right combination or collocation would be ”smoke screen”. Collocation is a key ingredient in any language. If you know the right combination of words you can make your message get across more easily.

An example of this (from Michael Halliday) is the collocation strong tea. While the same meaning could be conveyed through the roughly equivalent powerful tea, the fact is that tea is thought of being strong rather than powerful. A similar observation holds for powerful computers, which is preferred over strong computers.

Collocations are examples of lexical units. Collocations should not be confused with idioms although both are similar.

Halliday’s work represents a competing viewpoint to the formalist approach of Noam Chomsky


The Secret of La Chancla

Latina moms share a traditional parenting technique: La Chancla. ¡Aguas!  Tiger moms

Why are Hispanic children so well-behaved?

The secret is Hispanic culture, which emphasizes boundaries, developmental growth and a traditional technique known as La Chancla.

For centuries, the secret of La Chancla has helped millions of Latina moms:

Focus attention to each child’s unique needs.
Instill values of fairness and fair play.
Encourage healthy eating habits.
Learn the discipline required to excel in academics.
Moral reasoning.

La Chancla can help every parent master a truly hands-off parenting style.

El Secreto de La Chancla

Las mamás latinas comparten una valiosa técnica de crianza de los hijos: la chancla.

¿Por qué será que los niños hispanos son tan bien portados?

El secreto es la cultura hispana, que enfatiza el buen comportamiento, límites, y respeto a los padres. Es la técnica tradicional conocida como La Chancla.

El secreto de La Chancla ha ayudado a millones de madres latinas a:

Centrar la atención en las necesidades individuales de cada niño.
Inculca los valores de justicia y juego limpio.
Motiva hábitos de dieta saludables.
Enseña la disciplina necesaria para sobresalir en los estudios.
Ayuda a razonar moralmente.

La Chancla puede ayudar a los papás a dominar un auténtico estilo de manos libres. 



Fonéticas:  Los sonidos del español

Fonéticas:  Los sonidos del español


Spanish Audio Pronunciations/Dictionary


Spanish Language Basics : How to Roll R’s When Speaking Spanish 


The Etiquette of Social Kissing

How To Kiss Hello – Berlitz Spanish 2.0

Berlitz Spanish Premier  


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