Social Media 2015

Today in the US, there are three major generic social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Personal, professional and news networks. In each case, they serve a vast cross-section of people.

 Use Social Media to Get a Job

Unbundling of social networks

Facebook’s dominance is challenged by mobile-first messaging applications. Some of these offer a better product experience for core functions (Instagram, WhatsApp), others offer localized products that feel more native (Line, WeChat) and, others still offer better tools for self-expression (Tumblr) and last others offer more intimate networking (Path, Avocado, Pair).

LinkedIn, host to the world’s resumes and workflow tool for recruiters, is challenged by dedicated professional communities offering workflow tools on top of social graphs.  SpiceWorks is a community of IT professionals that also provides IT management services.  Axial is a community of investment banking professionals tied to deal sourcing and process tools.  Doximity is a social network for doctors that provides secure collaboration for cases.

Each of these segments represent tremendously valuable audiences whose these products could have been built on LinkedIn but are better served by dedicated tools.

Twitter, the news syndication and discussion component, is challenged by services like Quibb and Yammer which uses smaller social networks to filter and discuss news, in particular professional news.

Make no mistake, each of the major social networks, like Craigslist, can continue to thrive despite unbundled competitors. But many of the most valuable users and products will be built outside of the ecosystem.

Self-Marketing Tools for Job-Seekers

The Importance of Social MediaFive Tools for Job-Seekers


What’s the Value of Your Personal Brand? 

Do you know your personal career brand image? Do you have a strong sense of your brand message? What’s your brand story? If you are looking to advance your career, these are questions you must be able to answer. Your personal brand image — the value that others perceive you possess in your role in the workforce — is something you can develop, shape, and control. Branding is what makes you unique — and better than all your competition in the marketplace.


Finding a Job Through Networking Groups

The Power of Social Media

LinkedIn - Professional Networking

Professionals use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities.  LinkedIn maintains your professional identity online and your professional network.

1. LinkedIn profile. If you are a professional — or an aspiring professional — you must have a profile on LinkedIn, a business-oriented networking site that consists of millions of experienced professionals from around the world, representing hundreds of industries from more than 200 countries.

When you join, you can create a profile that can serve as both a resume and an introduction to your career brand. Once your profile is completed, you then build connections with other members, getting introduced to new people through the people in your network. Read 6 New LinkedIn Job Search Tips.


LinkedIn Summary Profile

How to find a new job using LinkedIn?

Twitter for Business

Put your best Tweets forward whether you’re new to Twitter or use it all the time.

The art of the Tweet

The art of the Tweet

Find A Job Using Twitter

Do You Use These 10 Overused Buzzwords on LinkedIn?


Social Networking Sites – Wikipedia

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The Importance of Social MediaFive Tools for Job-Seekers The Power of Social Media 

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