Learn Arabic Letters

Learn the Arabic Alphabet

First Arabic  Handwriting Book 

Luca’s Arabic Lesson 1

Luca’s Arabic Lesson 1 Part 2

Luca’s Arabic Lesson 2

Luca’s Arabic Lesson 3 (Vowels)

Luca’s Arabic Lesson 4 (first Greetings)

Luca’s Arabic Lesson 5 (Letters writing)  

 Luca’s Arabic Lesson 6 (Letters writing)

Luca’s Arabic Lesson 7 (More Letters)

Luca’s 8th Arabic Lesson 

Luca’s 9th Arabic Lesson – Write us your name in Arabic!

Important Writing Tips!

 ALL Your names in ARABIC!:)

Learn Arabic with Khaled 1


Arabic Alphabet Song

Arabic Alphabet Nasheed

Qur’an Arabic Course – Lesson 1 Part 1 (Introduction, indefinite nouns)

Quranic Arabic is the highest form of Arabic that one can study.  This is the same Arabic that one learns when they go to an Arabic university.

Learn to Read Arabic in 21 Days


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