Ten Arabic Beginner Lessons

Learn Arabic for free online. Download free audio lessons to your computer or mp3 player and start learning Arabic instantly.   

Arabic Language Lessons – iTunes Free

    • The US Peace Corps serves up 10 free lessons that will teach you the Arabic spoken in Jordan. The web site includes a useful transcript.
  • ArabicPod iTunes Free
    • Includes mp3s and PDF transcripts.
  • Foreign Service Institute Basic Course
  • Survival Phrases Arabic iTunes Free
    • Provides the essentials you’ll need to get around.

To learn more foreign languages, please visit the complete collection of Learn Languages for Free: Spanish, English, Chinese & Beyond


Arabic verb conjugation 


Arabic Music 

Arabic Info | Quran

Portal icon Islam portal
Portal icon Fashion portal
Portal icon Middle East portal

  Say the Colors  قراءة الكلمة لا لون

أنطق اللون و ليس الكلمة 

قراءة الكلمة لا لون-Colors

Epic Tea House Server

Free 30 Minute Pimsleur Arabic Lessons   

Arabic (Eastern) I      Arabic (Eastern) II

English for Arabic Speakers

Arabic Keyboard ™ لوحة المفاتيح العربية  

Arabic Keyboard ( كيبورد للكتابة بالعربي )
An online editor to write or search in Arabic if you don’t have an Arabic keyboard ( كيبورد للكتابة بالعربي ) 

Watch Free Movies (with Arabic Subtitles) 

Arabic Beginner Lesson 24

Give me! = Hat! = Hati! = Hatoo!

How much is this? =  BiKam Hatha?

Arabic Beginner Lesson 25

Have you ever? = Hal kunta marra? = Hal kunti marra? = Hal kuntum marra? 

Hal sarfarta marra bilqitar?   

Arabic Beginner Lesson 26 – The verb To have!



Arabic Lesson with Maha – Preposition MIN من

Extra links


Basic Words 01 (Arabic),

 9 Cards  List with sounds



Sample Pimsleur Method Egyptian Arabic  

Rosetta Stone Arabic Level 1

Rosetta Stone Arabic Unit 1 Lesson 4

Arabic – Unit 1 – Lesson 2-3

Rosetta Stone Arabic Unit 2 Lesson 1 – Pronunciation


Basic Words 01 (Arabic),

 9 Cards  List with sounds

Basic Words 02 (Arabic),

 13 Cards  List with sounds
Taken from Arabic Languages of the World

Getting Around (Arabic),

 16 Cards  List with sounds
Taken from Learn Arabic Now!

Asking for Directions 1 (Arabic),

 12 Cards  List with sounds
Created By Transparent Language

Meeting and Greeting 1 (Arabic),

 8 Cards  List with sounds

Basic Words 04 (Arabic),

 14 Cards  List with sounds

Basic Words 03 (Arabic),

 9 Cards  List with sounds

Academic Subjects (Arabic),

 13 Cards  List with sounds
Academic Subjects

Time (Arabic),

 9 Cards  List with sounds

Image of the Arab World (Arabic),

 30 Cards  List with sounds

Arabic Grammar_Negation (Arabic),

 68 Cards  List with sounds
Arabic Grammar_Negation

Colors (Arabic),

 11 Cards  List with sounds   List with images

Vocabulary Week 4 (Part1) (Arabic),

 20 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
Vocabulary Week 4 (Part1)

Al Kitaab – 13 – vocab (Arabic),

 99 Cards  List with sounds
Includes vocabulary for Ch. 13 of Al Kitaab (v. 1) with all conjugations of verbs.

At the Hotel 1 (Arabic),

 17 Cards  List with sounds

Seasons (Arabic),

 4 Cards  List with sounds   List with images

Al-Kitab – Part 1 – Chapter 1a – Vocabulary (Arabic),

 18 Cards  List with sounds
Al-Kitab published by Georgetown University Press.

Religion (Arabic),

 46 Cards  List with sounds

Vocabulary Week 7 (Arabic),

 42 Cards  List with sounds
Vocabulary Week 7

delija (Arabic),

 16 Cards  List with sounds   List with images

Grammar: Comparatives (Arabic),

 31 Cards  List with sounds
Grammar: Comparatives

Al Kitaab – 07 – hobbies (Arabic),

 15 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
List of hobbies from chapter 7 of Al Kitaab vol. 1. Includes sound files and images.

Months (Arabic),

 12 Cards  List with sounds

Vocabulary week 4 (Part2) (Arabic),

 20 Cards  List with sounds
Vocabulary week 4 (Part2) 

COMEDY: Achmed The Dead Terrorist (ventriloquism /ventriloquist)


Internet censorship in Iran 






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