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Catherine Tate – The Offensive Translator [High Quality]

FREE Microsoft Office Training

Learn 40 Languages for Free: Spanish, English, Chinese & More

Learn a Language 

How to Learn a Language    Education 

World Wide Computer Languages

Computer Languages

Open Culture’s master list of free audio and video courses

12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free

Pimsleur Digital Downloads

Free Audio Pimsleur Lessons ♦ Pimsleur Language Acquisition Method ♦ Audio Samples   

Complete (and repeat) an entire 30 minute lesson to get the full effect of the Pimsleur Method.

Play and re-play Pimsleur in the background like the radio and easily review and learn while you multi-task. 

PIMSLEUR List of Languages

Try any sample lesson from the Pimsleur languages below.  Enjoy your free thirty (30) minute lesson(s)!    

Arabic (Eastern) I      Arabic (Eastern) II
Armenian (Eastern)
Armenian (Western)
Chinese Cantonese
Chinese Mandarin I      Chinese Mandarin II      Chinese Mandarin III
English for Arabic Speakers
English for Cantonese Speakers
English for Mandarin Speakers
English for Russian Speakers
English for Spanish Speakers I      English for Spanish Speakers II      English for Spanish Speakers III
French I      French II      French III
German I      German II      German III      German IV
Haitian Creole
Hebrew I      Hebrew II
Italian I      Italian II      Italian III
Japanese I      Japanese II      Japanese III
Korean I      Korean II
Persian (Farsi)
Portuguese (Brazilian) I      Portuguese (Brazilian) II      Portuguese (Brazilian) III
Portuguese (European)
Russian I      Russian II      Russian III
Spanish I      Spanish II      Spanish III      Spanish IV
Swiss German


Isketch - MultilingualJoin other people from around the world to play a fun game of online sketching!

The object of the game is simple. Each player gets a chance to draw a word which the other players will try to guess. You can play anytime for free, 24 hours a day, in different languages!


Enter a game by clicking one of several themed rooms you’ll see listed on the right side after logging on. As artist, drawing tools and a button to deliver hints will help you with your draw, while the rest of the players try to guess the word. At the end of a 10-round game, the highest-scoring player is declared winner and a new game starts.

Some of the most important rules are: Don’t use LETTERS in your draw, use the hint button to give the number of letters and display common courtesy to your fellow players. Take time to read the rules, as joining a game constitutes willingness to follow them. Rules will be enforced by players and administrators alike.



Rosetta Stone FRENCH Demo – FRANÇAIS

Rosetta Stone ARABIC Demo – العربية

Rosetta Stone (software) 

The Rosetta Stone software uses a combination of images, text, and sound, with difficulty levels increasing as the student progresses, in order to teach various vocabulary terms and grammatical functions intuitively, without drills or translation. They call this the “Dynamic Immersion method”. According to the company, the software is designed to teach languages the way first languages are learned.

Rosetta StoneRosetta Stone Samples 
Rosetta Stone (software) Arabic language edition of Rosetta Stone


Left and right sides of the Rosetta Stone, with inscriptions in English

As the first ancient bilingual text recovered in modern times, the Rosetta Stone aroused widespread public interest with its potential to decipher the hitherto untranslated Ancient Egyptian language.

 Transported to London, it has been on public display at the British Museum since 1802. It is the most-visited object in the British Museum.


Berlitz Language Samples

Improving your language skills

The Government of Canada provides language training programs for newcomers in cooperation with provinces, territories and non-governmental organizations. Contact the language training centre in your city or town to find out what programs are offered.

  • The Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program allows eligible adult immigrants the chance to take basic English or French classes at no cost.
  • The Enhanced Language Training (ELT) initiative allows eligible adult immigrants the chance to take advanced language training and job-specific language training at no cost. Each year a number of organizations across Canada are funded through ELT to provide these services.
  • Other job-specific language programs may be offered that help prepare you for working for this occupation in Canada. These may be offered through school boards, community colleges or community agencies.

There are also many non-governmental organizations in Canada that offer English and French language programs for a fee.

Visit the Language assessment and training section of the Citizenship and Immigration Web site for a list of English and French language programs across Canada. – Writing

The history of the alphabet is believed to have begun in Ancient Egypt, more than a millennium into the history of writing.

The first consonantal alphabet found has emerged around 2000 BCE to represent the language of Semitic workers in Egypt (see Middle Bronze Age alphabets), and was at least influenced by the alphabetic principles of the Egyptian hieratic script.

Nearly all alphabets in the world today either descend directly from this development or were inspired by its design.

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