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 Internet Café Boutique offers 

Free Language Lesson Links 

Hats Military & Ethnic Clothing

 Ethnic Hair Beauty Supplies

Your Own Web Site

 Résumés – CVs 

Cover Letters 


Thank you Letters



Would You Like Your Own Website? (Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, .com, .org, .net, .ca, etc…)  ~ Web Sites 

Website Samples 

Make Money on the Internet

Webmaster Tools 

Make Your Own Video or Movie



We also recommend beneficial pure Henna products.



The Henna Page ®
Ancient Sunrise ®
TapDancing Lizard  LLC ®
Henna for Hair
Body Art Quality
Henna Hair, Body Care, and Body Art Supplies Mehandi Index
Henna and Body Art Supplies



Where from Arabic to Zulu all in one place you can find different native language speakers, teachers, students, and exotic international products…  Find ethnic food, unique clothing, henna creations, jewelry, accents of diverse cultures and international dialects, many languages and more…

Practice and Improve Your Computer Learning at LAMI.US – Refine your Computer Skills – Learn languages and more on the internet and live in person with us!

At LAMI.US you can speak with different native language speakers, find a student/tutor, or you may find someone to help you learn a language through simple conversation. 

Keep a mind open to continuous learning…




Variety Food Spices

International Garments 

Real Estate 

Ethnic Grooming Supplies Business Plan 

Sample Business Plan



Write a reply / comment. Let us know if you are interested in donatinglearning   teaching –  volunteering working with LAMI.US.

We plan to deliver world-wide, cultural specialties.

Your food should always be scrumptious and delicious…

Let us know which hard-to-find coffee / tea / international food spices you would like us to carry in our local internet café boutique!

Participate in our Market Analysis Survey and ask a question or leave a comment below.

Languages and More Internet | US

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Gift certificates available at


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